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🕐 01-15-22 9:14 PMwalter posted Click to view details
Beech Woods in Winter
Photo by: walter
Thank's a lot, Barry!
Just lucky, I guess - releying totally on Fuji!
But it was a beautiful and cold day.
🕐 01-12-22 12:48 AMwalter posted Click to view details
December Sky
Photo by: walter
Thank you for the 'Thumbs Up' FujiImages - Switzerland!
Best regards gfrom Norway :o)
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🕐 01-5-22 11:06 PMwalter posted Click to view details
Photo by: walter
Hi Barry - and thank you for your comment!
No, this was taken in my usual Astia film simulation settings, and later converted with Silver Efex Pro from the NIK collection to B&W.
BTW, all my images are taken as JPEG's as I never had any training / schooling in RAW-converters. Mostly use only PS Elements as my software.
Have a nice day, and best regards from Norway!
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🕐 01-5-22 4:50 AMwalter posted Click to view details
In the Old Town
Photo by: walter
Thank's for the comment, Barry!
This is the old part of town, foundet sometimes around 1660 and had been a garrison-tom up to the first WW. Nothing nuch has changed there as the whole town is under conservation (don't know the right term).
Its completely surrounded my town-walls, water-filled moats and steep ramparts. Love to take pics there
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🕐 01-2-22 6:26 PMfo-tik posted Click to view details
In the Old Town - Fredrikstad / Norway
Photo by: walter
My pleasure! I love grays and oranges together, especially in winter scenes. Keep them coming please, Walter!